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Spread the web: A Mixture of a “BOGO” and “Pay It Forward” System for Non-Profits

An online presence is essential for the outreach and communication of non-profits to their community and their donors. A website for a non-profit not only functions to state the mandate of the non-profit, it also serves to extend its services to an endless pool of individuals and organisations with access to the Internet.  Yet due to the limited financial nature of some non-profits, costs to create or update a website are understandably still not a priority when devising the budget.

Vancouver Community Network’s webteam, the VCN|webteam, has teamed up with BCIT to alleviate the financial burden of developing and creating a relevant, updated and effective website for qualifying non-profits.  The VCN|webteam, being a non-profit ourselves, have identified that although some non-profit organisations do not have the means to pay for website projects, other non-profits do have the financial means to. This reality in addition to the fact that non-profit organisations have a strong and supportive network amongst each other inspired the spread the web campaign.  

The spread the web campaign is brilliant in its simplicity. It is a mixture of a “BOGO” and “Pay It Forward” system that relies on the strength and network of non-profits themselves. The paying non-profit will receive a professional website at a very low-cost and be gracefully acknowledged for sponsoring a website for a non-profit that could otherwise not afford one.  While another non-profit who cannot afford to pay for a website will have the opportunity to immensely expand its outreach to individuals and donors through a donated website.  The webteam’s prices will remain at their original low-cost and will not be increased for the paying non-profits to offset the costs of the donated website.